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Smaragdine Bee
• 12/14/2017

Viewer's Discussion? Hopefully?

I'm only a viewer for a slenderverse series, but I would consider myself to be the only outspoken "puzzle solver" of the others. I dunno if anyone would be interested in it, but I'd love to get some more people into the series, and maybe drag in some more puzzle solvers as well. It would be nice to talk about what's going on with some other people, viewer to viewer, and to test some hypotheses. The series is J investigations, and I hope I'm able to convince a few people here. There's more going on than what it looks like, trust me.
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Smaragdine Bee
• 12/14/2017
December 14th, 2017 2:07am (fuck my life)

Alright, well, I need a place to put all the shit that just happened, so here is a pretty good place. For those of you who are caught up--strap in. For those of you who aren't--strap in.

I'll give a quick run down of everything that's happened so far, but I'm keeping it short and sweet. Maybe. This is just a reference in case things happen on my end in the future. Nothing too detailed. I'm splitting these events into parts so I can condense it, but these shouldn't be viewed as the story's "arcs". This all happens in or around Wisconsin, USA.

J is a guy being fucked around with by two other "people"; Pawn and Seeker. Pawn has a chill mask, Seeker reminded me of a kid who forgot the CAPS lock was on because he always typed in caps. (Ahh, when life was simpler.) He was (and still is) also a cryptic douche who seemed like a bad guy, mainly because he and pawn were fucking around with J. There are shitty interactions, something to do with a ski hill, Meds get stolen, puzzles get somewhat solved, I think the story is going a specific way and then boom, J gets kidnapped. We get a video from someone claiming to be "a friend" telling me to find Pawn, who is lost, broken, and scared, as he holds the key to getting J back. Great.
End part one.

Like clockwork, J's twitter starts up again with someone names James Mabry. Guess who. Spoiler alert, it's Pawn. (The following takes place between Dec. 17th and Jan. 27th) He claims to have woken up in a hotel room, a laptop in the room open to J's twitter account. We talk, and he finds some clues scattered about the room. He blacks out a few times, and strange things pop up on the account, but nothing substantial. A small amount of time passes before James send out another message on twitter, saying he woke up to a masked man watching him, who dropped a flash drive and then apparently high-tailed it out of there. I tried to press James to post the contents of the drive, but he never did. He decided something, clearly, and his final tweet was this: "I understand what I have to do, I remember what I have done and I know what to do. This is it, I'm going to get the kid back. Good bye..."
So, Pawn is probably dead...
End of part two.

Suddenly, wahwam! J is back and acting like nothing happened. He tells us that everything that just happened should be disregarded, both what happened on and off twitter, and that he was just "sick" for awhile. Sick my ass. He tells us he's giving up chasing monsters, as if saying that will suddenly stop everything. Likewise, nothing stops because of the "ending" he provided us with. Seeker posts a few videos, continues to fuck around with J, and we can all basically see that things aren't normal with J. Eventually, after chasing tails for a bit, J's twitter comes clean with some actual logical information. He first provides us with this site:
Then with this site:

I visit the second site, applying my gmail to the "chat log" menu (just follow the linked page, scroll on the "menu" drop down up option at the top, and chat log should be there) and getting both a riddle and a hint. It read as follows.
"They have eyes
He will hear
End is soon do us
Damnation is here
Order is lost but we
Obey the laws of nature
Run from the heavens, though
Sin is in our blood
Heaven is gone and
All will fear the
Very one that creates them
Everything will be lost if they aren't sent to the
You can see and lead the them to me.
Everyone of you will be free."

The first thing I noticed, the first letter of each line spelled out "thedoorshaveeye" (90% sure there was meant to be an "s" on the end of that, but hey, Seeker is a busy guy.) Now, I've got no fucking clue what that means, and I happened to read it wrong as well. Instead of "the doors have eye(s)", I read it as "the door shave eye(s)." Fucking stupid.

I don't know what to do with this, that is, until I see that J had sent us another hint, mentioning a twitter account called @The_Deans_Watch, On that account, a certain Tumblr blog it mentioned. Anyone care to guess what that blog's name was? "thedoorshaveeyes"

I went to the blog, finding that it's run by three people who go by the witch, the zealot, and the hermit. For the record, the witch is somewhat eager, the zealot is chill, and the hermit is...not chill.. at all...

Now, these three people had visited Wisconsin to check out an abandoned hotel, and in that hotel, they found hidden documents relating to a certain school, mentioned in one of Seeker's websites. The school is Elliot Ryan's school for the brightest minds or some shit. Go read about it on the second site. These docs have a code, of which I'll post in the photo attachments. I'm shit at codes. Seriously. They also find a briefcase at the hotel, of which they fucking lost while leaving the place due to a collective blackout of memory.

So, I message the witch to start off with, and asked a few questions. Once I judge where they were in their knowledge, I started to explain the situation. They knew dipshit. I told them someone (seeker) hinted that I should approach them, and I show them the second site I listed above. They freaked out, and had no idea that any of this was going on, but the connections between them and all of this were apparent. They tell me that they will go back to the hotel for the case, and then work from there. I refuse to mention dates, because I've learned enough to know that you don't openly mention times and days that you plan on doing major events in the slenderverse. Bitch please. However, once the date has passed, I will list it along with an update.

Seeker and I "discussed" a bit on twitter in the few previous moments, and he actually just gave us a new drop down option in the second link above. You're welcome. I had a hunch that seeker and pawn were part of the 308 members, but I guess now we know for sure.

Anyways, that's brought you all up to date. I say "you all", but there really isn't anyone else here right now. Oh well. I'll keep this going, and update you all when something new happens. The code is below. Please, feel free to help out.
• 12/15/2017
December 14th, 2017 11:19pm

The code may turn out to be dates, rather than a message. ( 1/13/1941, 3/23/1941, 3/27/1941, 1/21/1942, 4/24/1999, and 5/12/2000) The Dark Harvest Project (read about it, if you haven't already, in the second link I provided above. Follow the page link and go to the drop down menu under "Extracts from Michael's Diary", and click on "Notes") began around 1930, having to halt during WW2 (explaining the gap of time in the dates between 1941 and 1999) and starting back up as the Elliot Ryan's school. I don't get why the dates would suddenly stop at 2000 though, seeing as the 803 group still seems to be active. Unless it's referring to when the school burned down. That doesn't explain why dates were mentioned before the school's existence though, if the main focus is aimed at the school. This is all just a theory, but these numbers really don't seem like any kind of code. I fucking hate codes.
• 12/15/2017
December 15th, 2017 1:00am (long nights, long mornings)

I just spoke to The Witch about my theory, and it's a possibility. The loopholes still exist though. Another theory: it's more than likely that the docs that the kastoways found were hidden by someone who stole them when the school caught fire. It would be the perfect opportunity to get away with it, as any lost files would be attributed to the fires. We don't know who stole and hid the docs, but it seems a little to coincidental to imagine that they were hidden /just/ for the kastoways to find. I have an uneasy feeling that someone is gonna be pissed when they find their shit is gone from it's hiding place. I mean, the suitcase is already fuck-knows where. I'll be surprised if it's even still at the hotel, and if the kastoways don't fall into some trap. But whoever hid all that is gonna be pissed that their probably secret info has been scattered about.

During my conversation with The Witch, Seeker went and had a bit of a hissy fit on twitter about "D" fucking around with the rules of the game. We, the witch and I, theorized that D could be Samuel Dewen, whoever that is. (He is mentioned briefly in the diary exerts. Go look for references) Anyways, apparently, D (or some other unknown member of the 803) steals the parchment in the future of this timeline, or, at least the timeline of Seeker. This is not good. So, as I so elegantly put it, "Great. Now we've got some all-knowing paper roll on the loose." Apparently Seeker is pissed, and now he's gotta play Frankenstein with the timelines a bit, to ensure that they don't get the parchment. His most recent tweet "Time to go hunting." hmm..

Adam linder, @The_Deans_Watch on twitter, may be closely linked to all this as well. I could've sworn that I've seen the initial "A" being used in one of J's earlier video, but I can't track it down now. Regardless, he's very casual about things that would concern most people, like being followed, for example. I don't really trust him, but I'm not going to approach him until it's 100% necessary. Seeker also apologized for making Adam's house a mess, meaning he knew the location, and a variety of other personal info about this guy.
• 12/16/2017
December 16th, 2017 12:59am (Why is all this shit always happening late at night??)

The Kastoways and I have decided to approach Adam Linder on tumblr, as we found that "D" had posted on his twitter account as well. This was a clear enough connection, so I messaged him around 10:10pm this evening. Whoo boy.

Okay, so Adam is a writer, who sometimes writes articles for "shady guys." He has been basically getting stalked by Seeker (who Adam thought was just normal, human J) and had no idea about any of this paranormal shit. Now, he did call the cops when Seeker/J broke into his house, but as his house was already kind of a mess, nothing concrete was found. Supposedly, J shot himself at Adam's house, but nothing was found by Adam, meaning this was most likely some timeline fuckery. Now, this is interesting, so listen closely. He was contacted Samuel Dewens. Totally randomly. He was told to join a community channel by Samuel, who paid him to do so. Adam was given the email and password, and on the channel were these two videos:



These two videos were nothing new, the first being posted from Adam's twitter account (by D) on the 13th of December, and the second one being posted (again by D) on J's account on the 14th. (That was what started the whole timeline talk from my last post)

Now, I got Adam caught up in all the past events (I've done the job of catching people up too many times recently) and basically told him to not do anything. Like, don't contact Samuel, don't mess around with the channel. Lay low. I also suggested that his physical and mental symptoms were potentially being caused by an extremely close rift. (similar to the what the Kastoways are dealing with, a rift at the abandoned hotel. That would explain why the worst of the effects happened at the hotel. Their rift, however, seems to be further away from them, enough to lessen the symptoms. Adam's symptoms seem to be attributed to one that is very, very close to him on a regular basis.)

Once I got him caught up, he said he was gonna sleep on all this and think about it more. So, that's that then.

Next, after Adam and I had stopped talking, even though I'd been updating them throughout the conversation, I went back to only talking with the Kastoways. We discussed a bit more about what happened, and made a plan. Since seeker probably wouldn't talk to me using my gmail again, the kastoways (I don't specifically know which one though,,) used their own gmail to enter it into the chat log from Seeker's second site, asking about how to close off rifts. The following was provided. (there was a photo as well, of which I will provide as an attachment.)

"As a dark light shows the hidden, these stones can do the same.

Keys lock doors and open them too.

Try key. "

The stone that he's referring to, the one shown in the photo, is a specific type of magical stone. If you look through the center, the hidden things around you are shown. The key and door thing obviously refers to rifts, and what to close them with. The key can be seen in the attached photo. Dunno what to do with that information.

We're trying to research more about these stones, like how to get ahold of them, what they're actually called, etc. I could've sworn they were called seeing stones or something.
They are called seeing stones, and it's a reference to the Spiderwick chronicles.
• 12/18/2017
December 18th, 2017 8:19am (for once I'm doing this during the day.)

So, I don't have any new announcements relating to the kastoways of Seeker, but the second archive site has been updated with more information. Like, it's been added upon in the 803 link, and we've got two new links regarding to Seeing and Fairies. (at least that spiderwick theory turned out right)

So, regarding the new 803 member list, apparently, the school wasn't just burnt down. It was blown up. By a suicide bomber, an ex-member by the name of ignis. This new information makes me think that, rather than someone trying to steal the docs before the school burned down, someone was trying to save the docs. There's a big difference of motive between those two options, so we'll see.

Relating to the fairies link, at least we don't have to call the big baddie "Slenderman" anymore. Inferus it is.

Relating to the seeing link, apparently J was given the key (the one from the last picture) by Seeker a bit before they became one, meaning that they have it now. (and if that picture is the actual key they have now, it also means that they have a seeing stone alongside it) This is both good news and bad news. because, like usual, now seeker had the say in what happens. On the plus side, that means Samuel doesn't have it. I don't know whether Seeker plans on sending the kastoways the key, one way or another, but that would make sense. He did say, "Try key", so I wouldn't be surprised. Also, good on Seeker for citing his sources. He's grown up so fast, *sigh*

No word yet from the kastoways, I'm just going to assume they've all died and the suitcase exploded and everything sucks. Sarcasm, of course.
• 12/18/2017
December 18th, 2017 8:47am

I just realized that this entire time, I've forgotten to even put out the links for J/Seeker's channel and twitter account.

You're welcome.
• 12/20/2017
19th December, 2017 2:57am

So, the kastoways actually aren't dead, surprise surprise, but a lot did happen while they were offline. So, Sunday was the day they went to get the suitcase back, hence my worry from the previous post. Now, remember how they lost the suitcase after a collective blackout? They blacked out as they were leaving. Meaning, they were outside the building. Apparently, when they went back on Sunday, the suitcase was right where they'd originally found it (inside), rather than where it should've been (outside, where they left it.)
Watcher moved it, apparently because he's been trying to draw Seeker out so he can basically be a douche. Go read about Watcher on Seeker's second site. ( look for the list of 803 members in one of the drop down options)

Anyways, The Witch and I decided to approach a recent contact of Seeker, Andrew F Lricken. We've officially decided that he's also hella sketchy. Apparently, about a month ago, Seeker approached him for help of some sort, and he agreed. He was given the parchment and fun shit like that. Anyways I also found out that Seeker told him about me. I'm flattered.

Also, Adam is indeed being experimented on by Samuel to document the effects that rifts have on people. He's away from the place we thing the rift is / rifts are, and we're gonna keep an eye on his health. I have a hunch that it'll improve over time.

One last note, the kastoways and Adam always seem to be online at the same time. On multiple different days and at different times, these two (counting the kastoways as one,) are always just chillin'. In fact, I have yet to see only one of them on at a time, and I find that very suspicious. The number of people I somewhat trust in all this is dwindling very quickly.

Anyways, holy shit I'm tired. You'll have to excuse my lack of adequate documentation, as my brain is currently running on orange juice and popcorn at 3am.
• 1/15/2018
Haha, lol, kill me. It was a good run buddy.
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