0nemoresoul2thecall is a series in the Slenderverse. It started on August 28, 2012.

The series follows Sam (Samatha), and her girlfriend Cass. Sam is recording their lives as apart of the disseration she is working for her professer. Her and Cass decide to travel up north and reunited with Sam's old college roomate, Allison and go traveling around the area. However, during the trip, Allison suddenly disappears under horrorfic circumstances.

Strange occurrences start plaguing Sam and Cas as they desperately try to protect themselves and find a way to escape the slenderman.


This section may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.


Sam is a psychology graduate. She lives with her girlfriend, Cass, and their cats in an apartment in Florida. Strange things occur while visiting her former college roommate, Allison. After the events of Wroth-Caleb, Sam begins acting strange.


Cass is Sam's girlfriend and lives with her. She becomes concerned with Sam's behavior during and after their visit to Allison's. Cass starts to fear for their lives after seeing figures standing outside in their balcony. 


Allison is a friend of Sam and Cass. She lived in her family's christmas tree farm when Sam and Cass came to visit. During their visit to The Blue Hole, Allison begins to panic and suddenly dispears into the water. She seemlying sends Sam and Cass a note to meet her at the cemetery, though she did not appear. She is later found by by Sam and Cas dead and hanging from a tree at her farm.


0nemoresoul is Sam's Twitter where she posts her thoughts and latest entries on her channel.


Sam's Tumblr is where she answers questions from viewers and intereacts with them.