Afraidathome is a Tumblog, with accompanying YouTube and Twitter accounts. The YouTube account contains 32 videos, 579 subscribers, and over 25,232 views. It centers around Kyle Emerson, who hears strange sounds coming from his bedroom walls. After investigating, he realizes his house might be an open portal to another world, from which an entity named FATHER wants to escape. 

Afraid At Home had one accompanying Tumblr blog named Pater Noster, which was later deleted. The series also has a sequel named Stargazer (with its accompanying YouTube channel PlagueofourFathers).

Summary To Date

Part 1

Kyle starts hearing weird sounds coming from his bedroom wall, which is revealed to be the sound made by an entity named FATHER upon its arrival into our world. FATHER's goal is to possess Kyle's body, which he had been harvesting ever since Kyle had an accident causing his temporary death. In the mean time, Kyle is also being plagued by a mysterious person named Pater Noster foretelling the arrival of FATHER into our world. This person is revealed to be Kyle's earlier self (before the car crash that killed his father, and before his body was being harvested by FATHER) manifested as a split personality. This Kyle warns the other Kyle of FATHER's imminent arrival throughout, and also kills Kyle's best friend Justin to detach Kyle from the world further.

In the end, Kyle is attacked by FATHER (who had taken control of Justin's dead body), and is ultimately possessed.

Part 2

After Kyle's possession, strange videos started to be uploaded on the channel. These videos in some way retell the story of Afraid At Home, but in a different scenario, and with Kyle having a different, more aggressive personality. How these videos pertain to canon is yet to be determined.

Pre Afraid At Home

It was revealed through cryptic messages by Pater Noster that, a long time ago, a group of scientists experimenting with parallel dimensions discovered a bridge between their world and another. They figured out how to open a portal into it, and send in explorers. In this road (aptly named "Perpendicular dimension", these explorers found a faceless creature hiding within it. The creature proceeded to kill everyone, except for the head scientist. The head scientist's life began to unravel, as his wife suddenly disappeared, leaving him with their child.. One day, feeling threatened by the lurking feeling that this entity might be following him, he and took his son, and skipped town, ending however in a car crash killing the both of them. The entity, however, eventually reached the crash site, and brought back the child, Kyle, to life, in the hopes of using his body in the future as his own vessel. 


Kyle Emerson

Kyle is the main character from the Afraid At Home seres. He is twenty years old, and an anthropology major, in an undisclosed location. Kyle is an extremely cautious person. He has a hard time in showing his face on screen, and in telling anyone where he is from and what he does in life. After hearing strange crackling sounds coming from his bedroom wall, he begins to vlog about other strange happenings around his house. Eventually he comes across an entity named FATHER, who wishes to posess Kyle's body to finally gain human form.

When Kyle was a child, his father conducted some experiments that brought FATHER into our world. One day, feeling threatened, Kyle's father took him and drove off with no place to go. This resulted in a car crash that killed both Kyle and his father. The entity, FATHER, found their bodies, and brought the young Kyle back to life, in hopes of in the future using his body to gain bodily access to our world. This harvesting process resulted in the apparent elimination of Kyle's personality, with the substitution of a new one created by FATHER.


FATHER is this series' incarnation of the Slender Man. As revealed in Stargazer, he was one of the many entities created by The Watcher. After getting in some undescribed troubles with his brothers and sisters, The Watcher decided to banish FATHER and the rest into prisons within other dimensions. After the scientist opened the portal, FATHER kidnapped the head scientist's wife. Reasons for that still remain to be explained. FATHER then scared off the head scientist, who then took off in a car with his son, Kyle, and then causing a car crash. FATHER arrived at the scene of the crash. He then proceded to bring back Kyle to life, and to create a new persona for the child: one that could be easily influenced. After losing track of the child for a few years, FATHER finally found Kyle an adult, and proceded to do everything in his power to take over Kyle's body, eventually succeeding.

Pater Noster

Pater Noster was the name given to himself by the original Kyle Emerson, who was erased by FATHER, but still lived inside Kyle's body, manifesting itself as a split personality. Pater's main goal was to cryptically warn Kyle, and the viewers, of FATHER's plans. His schmes were usually misinterpreted as malevolent, and as of now, a lot of his plans still have unknown reasonings behind them. Kyle's mind, being damaged, made him think Pater was his younger brother, which in reality he does not have.


Justin was Kyle's best friend. He was extremely sarcastic and seemed to be annoyed by most of what Kyle did or said. He was brought in during the all nighter, in which him and Kyle stayed up all night in the house waiting for the sounds to start up. After the sounds began, FATHER manifested himself, and attacked the two. After the attack, Justin was left in a catatonic state. The ambulance was called, and Justin was taken into the hospital. Justin family later contacted Kyle, informing him that Justin had gone missing. It was later revealed that Pater Noster had murdered Justin, and disposed of his body. In the end, Justin's dead body was used by FATHER as a means of talking to Kyle, and transfering himself into his body.


Mother is a mysterious entity, baring the likeness of Kyle's mother. She was created by The Watcher, and banished by him along with FATHER. She usually speaks kindly, even telling Kyle that he is here for a purpose. Her current location, or reason for existing is undisclosed.


Jake is Kyle's older brother. He was contacted through phone by a confused Kyle, and was the person who told Kyle about his accident. Jake's current whereabouts are unknown.

Kyle Emerson .5

This is the version of Kyle that appears in the "rebooted" version of Afraid At Home. He looks identical to the old Kyle, but is much more aggressive and sarcastic. He also seems to have the habit of telling lies or half truths. He has a lot of problems that the old Kyle had, including hearing strange sounds coming from his walls. This version's parents are also still alive. At one point he is even chased down by a mysterious beast. 

The White Beast

The Beast is a creature, first introduced in Stargazer, but recently appeared on Afraid At Home as well. It is described in Stargazer as being naked and pale, as well as violent. It has the ability to speak. In Afraid At Home it began chasing Kyle.5 for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. It dissapeared just as mysteriously as it appeared.

The Box

The box with the symbol inside.

Throught the first part of the series, the entity of Pater Noster wore a box on his head. This box had a symbol etched inside of it, which is still yet to be identified. In the end, after being posessed by FATHER, Kyle puts on the box, and remains conscious enough to upload one last video, before vanishing forever. This suggests the box had some sort of shielding power.


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Afraid At Home was followed by a blog named Stargazer. Stargazer tells the story of Zeke, a young man who develops an obsession with his new neighbor, Kyle Emerson, and eventually gets dragged into a bunch of mysteries.


  • The name Kyle originated from it's creator's name Kris. Kris wanted to keep a four letter name starting with a 'K'. The last name, Emerson, originates from a common phrase among Slenderverse creators, "my immersion"
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