A Brief Summary

Corrupted Files is a series centred around Jacob and several of his friends as they are pestered by seemingly supernatural entities and odd situations. The series is currently active and has over 50 subscribers.

Main Characters

Corrupted Files has several different characters, although the main character is a young man named Jacob. His age is unclear, although it can be insinuated that he is an older teenaged person. There are several other characters including (the wonderful) Jack. Jacob and his friends seem to be on the good side of things, although some are more neutral than others.

There are also villains in the series, as most series have. The more active and talkative villain is Mr. Smile, who has is own Twitter (see Relevant Links) The other, quieter villain is known as the Lurker, his most appearance being in an early video in the channel's creation.


The videos in the series are separated by a simple categorization method. In the titles of the videos, there tends to be a word in brackets. This clarifies what kind of video we are seeing.


A simple list of characters with potential descriptions to be added.

  • Jacob
  • Gabe
  • Max
  • Jack
  • Mr. Smile
  • The Lurker

The Plot

The story of Corrupted Files begins on the YouTube channel with a video called 'uncover the files (file).' In the description, the uploader (Jacob) says that the video is from a flash drive that he found (not specified where) among other, corrupted files (hence the name). Jacob comments on how he thinks this was set up for him. In the next video 'Uncorrupted video compilation (file)' containing videos that Jacob uncorrupted. The cameraman meets with someone as they enter a nearby house with someone named Gabe inside. The video is of the two walking around the house, and at the end, the camera focuses on a figure outside of a window watching the house. This figure is The Lurker. Jacob comments in the description of how the cameraman sounds like him. Next, in the video of Attic footage (file) Jacob and one of his friends (Gabe) walk around the house and proceed to the attic. There they discuss things until the audio and visuals contort and glitch with the Lurker standing behind Gabe. The video proceeds with the Lurker charging at the pair over a static white noise. The footage temporarily cuts to black and when we return we see Gabe and Jacob still in the attic, but in heavy shadows and darkness. The video ends with the two leaving the attic. (To be cont.)

Relevant Links

The YouTube channel:

Jacob's Twitter:

Mr. Smile's Twitter:

The OOG Discord:

Slenderman's Presence

As of the creation of this article, Slenderman has not directly appeared in the series. However, it has been said by the creator of the series that a form of Slenderman will be present in the series in relation to Mr. Smile and The Lurker.


Corrupted Files has crossed over with various different series, this being mainly on Twitter. As of now, only one series (Blindhome) has crossed over with Corrupted Files on the YouTube channel. These crossovers come from Mr. Smile talking with different other series/ARGs on Twitter talking about how if they have problems with their own respective problems that they should contact Jacob. So far the only series that have been contacted are Alberic Kelliher of Kelliher's Collection and Cameron of Blindhome.

Trivia (Or Whatever This Is Called)

  • It was said by the actor of the Lurker that it is canon that the Lurker and Mr. Smile are Logan and Jake Paul. It is unclear if he was being sarcastic and who is who.
  • It was said by the actor who plays Jack that the the actor who plays Jacob says that he has the best acting in the entire series and most of the series fans agree.
  • The Lurker often performs Drag in his spare time.
  • In a Voice call discussing various Corrupted files items, The creator of the series; Alt, commented "I am so fucking gay." It is unclear if he was referring to himself or the character Jacob and it is unclear what are the implications are.