FutureRefused2Change is a YouTube channel with an accompanying twitter. It centres around Stack who is investigating a series of odd events surrounding him that was triggered by the discovery of a video tape that makes referenece to the Slender Man as well as multiple other horror references that are geared toward his interests. He initially believes this to be the result of a friend's prank. 


The channel opens with a video with garbled voice and a very dark background that seems to be talking about the Multiverse theory and the Slenderman. The main character of the vlog reveals himself in the next video, introduces himself as Stack and explains that he was going through his VHS tapes looking for cartoons from his childhood, looking for a cartoon about pirates from his past. (This is believed to be a reference to the Candle Cove creepypasta.) The prior video is the content of one of those tapes though on tape it is said to go far longer. Stack describes the opening portion of the tape, which we could not see as being a lot of screaming and occasional strange images including a reference to the film The Ring. He believes that one of his internet inclined friends was playing a prank on him and he is very upset, noting that it has triggered night terrors.

A series of failed Slenderman pranks later, Stack has pissed off or bewildered each of his friends. After this, while trying to patch up any damage he's done into friendships, Stack begins to document bits and pieces of his life, talking to his friends about the things he is suddenly experiencing. One of his friends whom he did not suspect as the original perpetrator of his VHS woes contacts Stack and requests to see the video. While the pair is talking, Stack sees something and is lead into an encounter with the Slenderman and the discovery of the destruction of the tape that started it all.

The nature of the audio/visual distortion in his video uploads begins to change, becoming slightly more and more disconcerting to the point where all but three seconds of a ten-minute block of the footage is lost entirely. Doing his best to get on with life, Stack begins to spend time with friends a bit more often, including a foray into a dangerous and apparently abandoned childhood hang out of his that exposes yet another tape. After analyzing it turns up simply more mysteries, Stack posts another video explaining a bit about himself, his past and the night terrors which we are left to assume are quite back, but this video shows a bit of a little guest that Stack remains ignorant of.

While at a friend's place, Stack is woken by noises and is suffering some pain. A search shows a panel in the friend's house with the operator's symbol on it, set into the wall at floor level. Taking it a sign that “apparently Slendy wants me in a crawl space,” a snarky Stack descends into the underdark. The video shows several seconds of what seems to be a girl or woman either laughing or sobbing in front of a television before cutting back to Stack hurrying out of the crawl space, cursing. He then asks the friend if he has a roommate who lives under the house or has a television in it, leaving us to assume that Stack actually saw the woman.

Whatever investigation of the crawlspace may follow, we're not told about it. While not as big a gap as usual without word from Stack on the channel, there is a slight pause. We are lead to believe Stack now records himself constantly as there are a couple of minutes of what seems to be him relaxing on the internet before noises lead him to a very painful confrontation with the Slenderman who seems to have lured him down to the basement. The incident leaves a confused and dazed Stack down part of a tooth and stuck with a concussion. Upon returning to the living room after cleaning up, Stack discovers a mass of items, accessories, of which many seem to be symbols from various faiths-including a crucifix and what look to be rosary beads- or various types of charms. How they got there he is unsure.

The updates become less and less frequent though he occasionally posts on twitter, and each time he is equally clueless as the time before, though he makes a breakthrough when he discovers a book in his storage which has had some alterations to a section on astral projections. While spending the night hanging out with one of his friends, Stack witnesses the friend receive a call from him, despite him being there and his phone being shown inactive. The call features Stack and a slurring confused person talking about a plan to “stop” someone and then the sounds of a struggle are clearly heard. Despite lacking an explanation, the phone call ends without being accurately explained. Stack leaves us with a strange line in reference to the call: "I know for a fact that nothing like this ever happened outside of dreams." A pair of strange videos appear on his page, one of which seeming to be like the prior video tapes in a way though audibly useless, the other one of which is different and features Victor, the main character in My Dark Journal. Stack has nothing really to say on the video but leaves it up and after a half year of relative silence, posts a new video announcing that he has been spending the time “drowning in my grief” but doesn't really explain why.  



Stack, the protagonist of Future Refused to Change.

Stack is the main character and sole contributor to both the channel and the attached twitter account. He seems to be a man in his twenties and is most easily recognized by his beard and facial tattoo which surrounds and extends above and below his left eye. These two identifiers remain constant though as of his more recent videos Stack's hair has been shortened signficantly. A slight, shorter man compared to many of his friends, Stack has multiple times nonetheless showed willingness to venture into the unknown when there would be trepidation from the others (ex: The Madhouse, his shed, Cole's crawlspace.) The channel was kicked off after discovering a tape mixed in among his VHS tapes that he believed would contain a treasured show from his childhood. The imagery discovered on the tape originally references things such as The Ring. Similar images have been inserted into his videos as single frames or simple interruptions suggesting some importance to Stack. Stack suffered from night terrors at an earlier part of his life which resurfaced again upon discovery of the tape, leading him to attempt to call out whoever was to blame with a bit of a revenge prank. After upsetting one of his friends he guiltily calls off the plan. While clearly enjoying close friendships with a few people, Cole and Mickey have featured heavily in the videos on his channel. Stack is initially unconvinced as to the authenticity of the Slenderman but once his mind is changed he contacts and has a discussion with two other people being harassed by him, one of which being Noah Maxwell of Tribe Twelve.


Cole is one of Stack's friends. For whatever reason he is not treated to a scare from Stack's Slenderdummy, though whether this is from Stack's guilt at scaring John or from him not being a suspect is unclear. He is with Stack at the moment of the first sighting of Slenderman when he comes to Stack's house to see and analyze the original tape which is found destroyed. It is his couch Stack sleeps on in the opener of the video Underdark and his house that Stack discovers someone living under. What Cole does about this is never made clear, though it is worth noting that the entrance to the crawlspace is almost too small for Stack, Cole may simply have been unable to get under it himself.


Suspect number three in Stack's original search for the culprit of his perceived VHS prank. John is one of the three whose reactions Stack records. While met with bewilderment or even joking scolding by the others, Stack has to calm down a visibly and audibly angry John after he is brought face to face with the “approximation of our favorite humanoid abomination.” Once John calms down enough, he explains that he had no clue what it was but it terrified him. Despite Stack's attempts to trip John up on his story and Stack's own assertion that John is a poor liar, he seems genuinely clueless and leaves Stack feeling guilty which probably is what leads him to giving up the plot. Stack describes him as "a tech guy" and lets him attempt to salvage the original video tape after its film is strung up in his shed. 


A friend of Stack's who was one of Stack's original suspects. A car ride discussion caught on camera between the two of them comes up with almost entirely corrupted footage. He discovers a VHS tape in the woods near his home and talks it over with Stack. Rusty reveals he's been seeing the Slenderman though he wasn't aware of what it was. Strangely enough he saw it overseas while serving in the military. While talking with Stack afterward, Rusty shows him a series of photos he took overseas, noting that several of them are missing. Among the remaining is one that seems to feature the Slenderman standing in a darkened doorway behind a trio of armed soldiers, and another that shows him off in the distance in the desert. Rusty's most concerned while recounting the story behind one of his missing photos, a sighting of Slenderman in the shell of a ruined bunker. The VHS tape is later examined by Stack and is very similar to the tape he originally found, except far more clear and far more disconcerting. If Rusty watched it on his own, his fear is almost sensible.


A friend of Stack's that was present for two very strange moments within the video portion of the series. Claiming to witness Slenderman around an old haunt in which they used to visit in their school ages, he leads Stack back there The pair do not encounter Slendy but they do find a VHS tape when Stack enters their hideout. Unfortunately they also stumble upon what looks to be a skull and several items hanging from the roof by what might be yet more VHS film. The tape they carry out goes on to never be uploaded, though this seems to be because just watching Rusty's tape has added to his already existing night terrors. The video Slice of Life revolves around Stack spending time with Mickey and his family. The video is fairly normal but added to everything else it shows a very close friendship between them. Later, Mickey would be hanging out with Stack, talking, when he receives a phone call that seems to feature Stack's voice, despite the two being beside each other. Even the most normal video involving Mickey, though, has strangeness. Slice of Life finishes with a flash of a frame showing a white ring over a black background which seems to be a nod toward The Ring which Stack says was referenced in the original video tape he found.

The Ghost Woman

It's very hard to know much about her. It is possible she has been feature more than twice but in the video A Quick Thank You as stack is describing a lack of worry about a lot of the minor elements that he associates with the “mythos” he adds that he has his own ghosts to worry about. The girl, who has been present—though translucent—for the better part of half a minute, places a hand on his shoulder. This is the moment in which most people first notice her because of the change in pixels. She is most easily seen with the quality turned up on the highest setting, which for most of Stack's videos is 480p. She is featured in a flash frame at the end of a later video, though it is often noticed more commonly than her appearance in A Quick Thank You. She seems to be a young woman with what we can assume to be dark hair wearing a pale dress. The dress features a large, bloody hand print on it. Given the one-time crossover with My Dark Journal, the bloody hand print is kind of suspect. If it is someway related to My Dark Journal, it has not been explained as such over a year out from the video.

The Girl In The Underdark

While a name given in lieu of anything else, it is moderately fitting. In the video Underdark, Stack, upon discovering the operator symbol on a panel leading into the crawlspace beneath Cole's house, goes to investigate it. While down there he stumbles upon a woman posed in front of a TV displaying static. Through the distortion apparent in the audio, it is unclear whether the woman being filmed is laughing or sobbing at any given moment. She does not noticeably interact with Stack and that may be because he hid himself from her as his flashlight is not focused on her. Stack does not tell us what, if anything, Cole did about what he saw. Nor does Stack mention her or the event in any detail on his twitter, though he references the video.


Tribe Twelve

While more of a nod, really, Stack has a brief exchange with Noah Maxwell through twitter which seems to momentarily assauge Stack's fears. 

My Dark Journal

In the video Phantom Call, part of the audio from the phone call depicts the struggles between Victor (from My Dark Journal, Tristan from Osiris Chronicles and Mark from Driest Humor. At one point T.A. from Osiris Chronicles can be heard yelling for the fight to stop. A man who matches Stack's description can be seen in two videos on the My Dark Journal youtube channel, in one of which he is following Tristan along with a bigger man and in another of which he is seen walking back and forth across what looks like Stack's porch. 

Osiris Chronicles

On Osiris Chronicles' end, the video is called The Invasion and is, judging by the audio, a video recording of the same events as part of the call Stack's friend recieves. One of the men involved in the fight is almost exactly the right height and body shape to be Stack. Stack doesn't seem to understand the phone call, nor has he acknowledged any of the blogs or vlogs involved. 

Driest Humor

The distorted, slurring voice on the phone call, presumeably, is Mark, a blogger from Indiana who was seen in Tristan and T.A.'s house before and during the fight in The Invasion. Though Mark has no first hand knowledge of the event, his viewing of the video suggests Mark has no idea who the people with him were. Like with Osiris Chronicles and My Dark Journal, Stack seems unaware of Mark's blog or associated youtube channel. 

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