Name Observer
Aliases Kevin Haas
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Eyes Depends on vessel
Hair Depends on vessel
Skin Depends on vessel
Relatives Unknown
Residence Varies
Alignment Evil
Status Alive
First Appearance Box Analysis
Latest Appearance Pitfall
The Observer is a mysterious entity and the most well-known member of the collective. He has shown great interest in Noah Maxwell. His current vessel is Kevin Haas.


Observer first appeared in the video "Box Analysis" during the tape footage. His eye and glasses are briefly seen in the video. On Halloween Observer called Noah telling him that they are watching him. Noah then shut the phone but Observer called him again. This time he apologized to Noah (this could have been Kevin trying to get control of his own body). Noah closed the call again but this time took out the battery and threw the phone to a wall. On New Years day of 2011 Observer hacked Noah's twitter, he changed his bio, avatar and posted a few tweets and a picture as well.

He later "took" Noah in the video "Nature Trail Visit" for a short period of time before leaving him. Observer later hacked into Noah's Formspring and answered a few questions from his viewers. He then later hacked into Noah's YouTube and uploaded "HELLOTHERE" and "COMECLOSER". He also placed multiple files into Noah's system32 folder inside his computer and also placed a recording device in Noah's room. The device was later analyzed by a friend of Noah's and reported his findings to Noah. The device had recorded Noah's activities from August 2, 2011 to August 2, 2011. The device also played a message from the Observer (the file of this message was created on March 13, 2011). The message suggests that the Observer had something to do with Milo's suicide.

On August 29th, 2011 Observer somehow hacked Noah's stream and played the video INTERRUPTION, he later uploaded the video on Noah's YouTube channel. After Noah attempted to call the police, the Observer left a paper under Noah's door that read "I'M WAITING". Observer later hacked into Noah's Twitter and uploaded an image of a hand sticking out of an eye's pupil, with the date "11-11-11" (Noah's birthday) on its palm. While Noah was staying in a hotel for Halloween, Observer tormented Noah by manipulating time and space to warp Noah to different areas of the hotel and changing day to night. The Observer physically appeared in front of Noah twice, and left a note on Noah's bed that read "HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH". On November 11th, Noah was lured back to the hotel, where he was "taken" by the Observer and put back in stasis, despite attempts by Firebrand to save him. The Observer, once again, took over Noah's Twitter and Formspring accounts. Observer later uploaded the video "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" on Noah's YouTube channel. He later hacked into Noah's Twitter during his Valentines Day live stream, posting pictures of the members of the Collective and answering some of Noah's questions.

Observer continued to stalk Noah for several months and on August 28, 2015 Observer appeared on Noah's Twitter announcing that Noah is with them. He later hacked Firebrand's transmission in DEATHTRAPEXODUS, taunting Noah about his time with the Collective, and telling him what he needs to do next. He then continues to stalk Noah and even follows him around his own house, He later pushed Noah off the observation tower in "Pitfall". Kevin, Observer's vessel helped out Noah by taking him to a hospital. If this was really Kevin or it was Observer is currently unknown.