OsirisChronicles is a slendervlog focusing around a young couple and their three pets, one of whom is a golden retriever named Osiris, for whom the channel and the accompanying blogspot blog is named. In addition to the main YouTube channel and the blog, there is a side channel featuring only one video, the channel is called OsirisChronicles3D. While it seems to be a pet lover's vlog at first, the accompanying written blog begins to immediately paint a picture of the less than pleasant situations which seem to happen around T.A. and Tristan, who is rarely on camera because he is often behind it. The main channel has 33 videos, over 400 subscribers and 20,000 views. The blog, which contains much of the meat of the storyline and character development as well as backstory to the videos, has less exposure, though it is just as important, entertaining and perhaps even more disconcerting. 


Tristan and T.A. are a young couple in a suburban neighborhood. They begin the channel and the blog apparently to document the middle age of a family member: their golden retriever, Osiris. In addition to Osiris the early life of the channel focuses on another golden retriever named Pixi and a cat, Sam. Things get rather dark quickly, though less noticeably on the YouTube channel. Through Tristan's writings and the videos we begin to piece together that Tristan suffers from trouble sleeping and is both hearing things and having nightmares. A myriad of strange events begin to unfold for Tristan and people in his neighborhood, most of which he chooses to put aside as a result of having bigger things to worry about. He intimates early on that he is filming daily and consistently and suggests that overuse of the camera is leading to footage corruption. This is among the first moments where the implication that this might be a Slenderman related vlog comes in.

The darkness begins to escalate over the next few weeks. Tristan begins to suffer nightmares he feels free to share and indeed even records a video that seems to be right before sunrise that rather mimics one of his nightmares. As Osiris fights with hip and leg injuries, Tristan's mental state is not the only thing to grow worse. The issues in the world around him get to be darker as well: children in his neighborhood begin vanishing. Around this same time, his chessboard begins to act on its own, playing one half of a game with only one player. In the evenings, Tristan notices a tall figure standing beneath a streetlight across from his house that no one else seems to see. Eventually, Osiris himself vanishes after being seen on camera near the tall well dressed form that Tristan calls "The Stranger." 

T.A. seems unwilling to talk about much about these last two things on camera though it is heavily suggested in the video The Spark that she believes the man to be no more than a prankster and the chess board to be something Tristan himself is doing. The revelation is not really confirmable because it comes from Tristan having two sides of a conversation involving himself and a slightly more vocal than normal--not to mention entirely fake--T.A. As things keep spiraling downward, Tristan falls ill in a more medical than mental manner. During this time of illness he attempts to confront the Slenderman but is brought back inside by T.A. who a few days later has a sighting of her own. The children who were said to have gone missing earlier in the year appear on their doorstep and attempt to get into the house. Though it is not the final appearance of them, they are apparently easily dissuaded and do not stop her from closing the door in their faces.

Though recovered from his illness, Tristan is seemingly more agitated than ever and it would be made worse by losing a piece in this chess game of his which by now he seems to believe he is playing with the man seen under the streetlight. While much is still unknown of what follows, T.A. soon uploads a video that she recovered from a USB drive which is heavily distorted in sections and seems to show an altercation between Slenderman and Tristan. Suffice it to say we are not left with the impression that it ended well for Tristan. During a discussion about a possible way to find the source of all of their problems, T.A. relates that she has been seeing two figures--which she assures Tristan are not the kids that attempted to enter their house--following her around the neighborhood.

Tristan, upon discovering a bloody hand print on a makeshift curtain in his living room, sees the pair of men himself. Though when he goes after them he is met instead by the figure he has been seeing under the streetlight. Intent on finding answers and hoping to "find a magic book that has all the answers" they spend a day at a local library, which ends with a possible lead. Several days later Tristan is woken in the middle of the night to the sound of a struggle. After turning on his camera and heading downstairs, Tristan stumbles upon a fight going on in his front room. Three men are present, two of which highly resemble those Tristan witnessed on the stairs, the third being a large man in black with a solid white mask. This is Victor, the main character of the slendervlog My Dark Journal who has recently posted a video of his own that shows the other two men following Tristan and Pixi down the street.

What looks like a final showdown between Victor and Tristan begins to look inevitable, though the pair are interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Slenderman. Though not much is known about what happens in the immediate moments after, what looks like minutes later, Tristan and T.A. hurry after the smallest of the men who had been brawling in their house. Though that man escapes, Tristan later has yet another stare down with Victor who is seen standing beneath the same streetlight the Slenderman often does.

Tristan later loses a friend while finally getting time to look up on a lead. The missing kids make a reappearance though they seem utterly disinterested in Tristan and seem to be dragging behind them something that is almost assuredly a body in a bag. Tristan and T.A. have had watched the final straw fall and decide they need to move, but that doesn't stop Tristan--recently recovering from yet another fever--from having another close encounter with the Slenderman in what seems to be an attempt to jump him. 


The Pets

The series is named for a middle aged golden retriever named Osiris, who unfortunately is never found after vanishing. Pixi seems to be a younger, more energetic golden retriever with a lighter coat. While a loving and playful dog (can audibly be heard jumping and running around in the background of many of the videos) Pixi is apparently not a fan of Star Wars. Sam is a slightly more reclusive and yet equally vocal cat. The pets seem to be as much a part of the family as either Tristan or T.A. 


T.A.  is noticably very quiet early on and a lot of what we can guess about her and her opinions on what's going on comes more from Tristan's commentary on the subject which can be rather unconventional to say the least. A lot of this may simply be because she works during the evenings and a majority of the happenings Tristan records on video, from sightings of the stranger to his fall to his occasional rants that seem to be a sign of slipping mentality all seem to happen at night. Though she gets more vocal later on she unfortunately begins to be as much a part of the strange happenings as Tristan by that point. 


Doing most of the filming of the videos he is seen on camera only very rarely. However, as an apparent counterbalance the majority of the blog chronicles his thoughts on the happenings, his nightmares and his various ailments. Tristan physically is a rather large man with dark hair and a predisposition to long coats. On camera (or behind it) he often seems to be trying to put humor into as many moments as possible, though in the accompanying blog there's not much joking going on. As the series progresses he goes from being the one having most of the strange happenings happening to him and more to hearing about it from T.A. Tristan can give off the feeling of aggression when agitated or disturbed but never shows any unless he feels as if his house or its occupants is in danger. His character does seem a bit unstable, but sometimes it does't do to simply look out the window, sometimes you have to go out the window. 



Takes place on the main channel in the video The Walk. Tristan and T.A. seem to be out on a walk with the main cast of the slendervlog WildShadows57, sans the child. While a longer video it seems pretty calm, though Tristan is noticably edgy at times, including worry about having seen 'a man' who was dressed in all black. Someone else adds that the man was "really tall." It seems not to worry anyone else. Tristan also seems to fixate on streetlights, often focusing on one as he passes by it. 

My Dark Journal

Takes place on the main channel in the videos The Invasion and The Aftermath. Tristan has been in a violent confrontation with Victor from the slendervlog My Dark Journal. It didn't look to be going too well for him but the end outcome will never be known as it was interrupted by the Bigger Bad of the situation, ol' Slendy himself. 

Future Refused to Change

Takes place seemingly in the video The Invasion, but more specifically on a video on a different channel. In the smaller YouTube slendervlog Future Refused to Change, the main character, Stack, is sitting, relaxing with his friend when the friend recieves a phone call from Stack's phone. Dumbfounded, Stack shows his friend his phone, which is not making any calls. After hooking the phone up to a computer they export audio of a pair of people talking, one of which is an unknown man who seems very confused, slurring over his words and not able to show much coherency, the other would seem to be Stack himself judging by the audio. The video skips ahead at which point the audio heard over the live, active phone call seems to be sourced directly from the events of The Invasion. 

Driest Humor

Takes place around the same time frame as the above two, specifically the video The Invasion. Driest Humor is a slenderblog with some video elements. The main character, Mark, wakes at home injured and confused after a long period of time missing. Examining his belongings he finds papers, videos and photos of a place that isn't really familiar to him. After some time and following a couple of clues, Mark discovers Osiris Chronicles and recognizes himself struggling with Victor during the opening moments of the fight in The Invasion. He has no idea of the identity of any of the people involved. 

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