Patrick Andersen
Patrick Andersen
Name Patrick Andersen
Aliases Michael Andersen
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Pale
Relatives Unknown
Residence Unknown
Alignment Bad
Status Alive
First Appearance Going Away Present
Latest Appearance 13. Unsatisfied Customers (Stan Frederick video)
Patrick Andersen is the second personality of Michael Andersen and the main antagonist of MLAndersen0.


Patrick made his first appearance in the video Going Away Present where he ties up Shaun, Michael's brother in the basement.After tormenting Shaun, Patrick lets him free and puts a knife next to him, he then disappears. It was later revealed that while Michael was institutionalized, he would attack other patients and call himself Patrick. This was revealed to Shaun by Stormy, a patient in Michael's former hospital.

During Shaun's visit at Stormy's place Patrick appears threatening them with a knife. He tells Shaun that Michael's is trying to kill himself with pills and that can't happen because they live in the same body. It's later revealed that Stormy was threatened by Patrick and went as far as attacking her by forcing her to hide Michael's flash drive from Shaun. This is revealed when Shaun visits Stormy a second time, only for the two to be attacked by the Slender Man. Patrick appears for a brief few seconds by teleporting into the elevator with Shaun. After a few months pass, Shaun and Stormy begin dating and living together, whereas Michael would return warning Shaun that Patrick showed Shaun and Stormy dying in multiple ways. Michael eventually returns to Shaun, saying that he is "all better now."

Michael begins living with Stormy and Shaun. All things are fine, until Stormy is later killed by the Slender Man. It is later implicated from HABIT that Patrick did this.

Patrick made a short appearance in the Stan Frederick video called 13. Unsatisfied Customers when Stan called Michael on the phone and told him that he was going to move their appointment to a few months, he then told him that everything was going to be okay. Michael then turned into Patrick and started laughing, he told Stan how Michael's brother was cut into pieces by HABIT with a chainsaw and that Stan has no idea what he is wading into.