Slender's Legacy is about 15 year old Tyler Ricoski and his experience with a mysterious entity known as the Slenderman. Not much is known at the moment as there are only a few videos.

The story so far...

Entry #1: In the first video Tyler is shown retrieving a bike from the basement for reasons he does not explain. He starts to drag it upstairs but he has trouble doing it with one hand holding his phone. He almost gets a good handle on the problem when he hears a noise from the back of the basement. He follows it (thinking it may be some wild animal) and finds nothing in the first room. He moves to a darker room nearby and finds an envelope with the Operator Symbol drawn on it. He decides it might not be an animal but someone trying to prank him and takes it upstairs, saying the bike can wait.

Entry #2: Soon after finding the envelope, Tyler opens it to find a note saying "Oliver Woods." Oliver Woods is the name of a forest where a boy named Oliver disappeared 9 years before. After tyler explains this the phone camera shuts off abruptly even though it had a full charge. He decides to go to Oliver Woods.

Entry #3: This video shows Tyler running in a panicked state. It is assumed this takes place after he visited Oliver Woods.

Entry #4: Shows Tyler after he gets home (We assume this is not a continuation of Entry #3 because he is wearing sweat pants instead of the jeans he wore in the last video) and he rushes to the bathroom coughing. He spits blood into the sink.

Entry #5: Shows Tyler as he locks himself in the bathroom in his mother's house so he can explain somethings that have happened. He mentions numerous things such as The Seer, Slenderman (who he calls "The Man In The Suit"), and some videos he recorded that still need to be put up.


  • Tyler Ricoski: The main protagonist on this series. He runs a YouTube channel in which he does gaming videos. He is dragged into a situation involving the Slenderman. Not much is known about him as of yet.
  • Oliver: A boy who disappeared 9 years ago. Possibly dead.
  • Slenderman: A supernatural entity who may be after Tyler. Nothing is known about his motives nor has he been seen on camera.
  • The Seer: An unknown entity who appears to be on Tyler's side yet still toys with him. It leaves messages constantly and always signs them with the words: "always watching." Its motives are currently unknown.