Stargazer is a Slenderblog, that serves as a sequel to the series Afraid At Home. It has an accompanying YouTube channel named Plague Of Our Fathers. It centers around Zeke, a young man, who starts the blog as a means to get his (bad) poetry out to the world. Later, he finds out he is living next to Kyle Emerson, the main protagonist from Afraid At Home. Things soon begin to go awry. The blog has 43 entries to date.


The series picks up soon after the events of the first part of Afraid At Home. Ezekiel, known as Zeke for short, starts this blog as a poetry blog, in which he begins to publish his works. However, this flow of bad poetry is interrupted by a flow of real life blogging, in which Zeke develops an obsession with a mysterious neighbor named Kyle. One night, Kyle even knocks on Zeke's door, and enters, covered in blood, and leaves soon after cleaning himself. Zeke asks his best friend Hannah, to help him conduct some research on this guy, soon stumbling upon the Afraid At Home YouTube channel. Zeke then begins to have strange dreams, with faceless people, Kyle, and a mysterious gigantic entity with glowing red eyes.

A mysterious YouTube channel, Plague Of Our Fathers, appears, in which an entity named PLAGUE decides to taunt Zeke into revealing his true self. In fact, Zeke has some hidden powers within himself. He has the powers of an entity named THE PROPHET. PLAGUE reveals to be working for FATHER, and that their goal is to find another entity named SAVIOR, and that Zeke's powers are the only thing that can lead them to him. 

Even though Zeke's dream with the faceless people is a recurring one, he also has a couple that are different. In one he encounters The White Beast, a monsterous humanid figure, that proceeded to devour Zeke, and to tell him that "They will come for you when they are done. Then the feast will begin." In the second, Zeke encounters the giant red-eyed entity, who introduces itself as the WATCHER. The WATCHER tells Zeke about how he created FATHER, PLAGUE, him, and other entities, but then sealed them away in extra-dimensional prisons after an "incident". In fact, Zeke was awakening all these entities throughout his dreams, unbeknownst to him.

After this realization, Kyle and Hannah, who had then started a romantic relationship, decide to leave on a cross-country trip, to laeve their troubles behind. After a few months of vacationing, the two returned, revealing to have a startling announcement to make.


Zeke/The Prophet

Ezekiel, or Zeke for short, is the protagonist of Stargazer. He is usually pretty calm, and has a bit of a romantic personality. Although he doesn't specialize in poetry, nor has he taken any courses (according to his blog description), Zeke enjoys writing poetry, even if he even thinks that it is bad. Zeke has a best friend, Hannah, who later in the series he ends up dating. Word of god says that Zeke is bisexual, which could also mean that the obsession Zeke had with Kyle could have been of a romantic/sexual nature.


Hannah is Zeke's best friend, and later, his girlfriend. She is sweet, and loving, but quick to blackmail, as shown with the way she collects debts with Zeke. Since Zeke sees her in one of his dreams as one of the faceless people in the hall, it might mean she is also one of the entities created by the WATCHER.


FATHER is one of the entities created by the WATCHER. He has now taken over the body of twenty year-old Kyle Emerson . After the events in Afraid At Home, FATHER moved into an apartment next to Zeke, probably due to his knowledge of him being the Prophet. FATHER has shown to be ruthless, cruel, yet direct and soothing to Zeke and a few others. His only objective is to get the Prophet to find an entity named SAVIOR. To do so, FATHER issues the games, suspecting that SAVIOR might be one of the many followers of teh Afraid At Home series.


Plague is the mysterious servant of FATHER. The first time he interacted with anyone was after the ending of the first part of Afraid At Home. Someone emailed Kyle asking if everything was alright. PLAGUE then responded posing as Jake, Kyle's brother. After gaining some information, PLAGUE outed himself as a servant of FATHER, and proceeded to create a cryptic Youtube account named Plague Of Our Fathers, in which he posted a few post Afraid At Home videos of FATHER, and other bizarre entries. He is cruel, and judging, yet eloquent and calm. He is now the leader of the Games created by FATHER in order to find SAVIOR.

Other Characters


SAVIOR is an entity FATHER wants to find for unknown reasons. His or her identity is unknown, but it is suspected by FATHER that it may be one of the followers of the Afraid At Home series.


An all-powerful entity who created all the minor entities, such as FATHER, Mother, the Prophet, PLAGUE, and possibly even Hannah. He also created bridges in between alternate universes, in order for mankind to go from one place to another. But after an "incident", he imprisoned all his creations into these extra-dimensional bridges, and then sealed them in, forever severing the way from one world to another. He is described by Zeke as being terrifying, gigantic, and as having glowing red eyes.


Thom is Hannah's brother, who is a police officer. Zeke asked Hannah if she could ask him to find info on Kyle through police databases. Hannah accepts, but with a price. Not much else is known about him.

The White Beast

The White Beast is a mysterious entit who has appeared in one of Zeke's dreams. In Zeke's dream it appeared as a pale creature of undefineable gender. It has very long claws, and in the dream it began to devour Zeke. Before waking up, the Beast told Zeke "They will come for you when they are done. Then the feast will begin." Recently this entity has appeared in real life , in the Afraid At Home vlog.


MEDIATOR was user Araenna from the Unfiction forums. She was appointed MEDIATOR by PLAGUE, as a means of keeping correspondence with the viewers of Afraid At Home and the Stargazer readers. She is now the leader of team MERIDIONAL in the Games.

The Games

The Games are a collection of unknown challenges created by FATHER, and being monitored by PLAGUE. The Games were created in the hopes of outing who the entity SAVIOR may be among the players. The teams are team SEPTENTRIONAL (lead by Jordan Rowlett), team OCCIDENTAL (lead byTony Jinright), team ORIENTAL (lead by Kat Thompson), and team MERIDIONAL (lead by Sarah Pokluda). The Games haveyet to being.

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