TreeManTruth is a vlog in the Slenderverse, created on May 11, 2014. The protagonist, Andrew Miller, uses the channel to record his efforts to find the fabled "Tree Man of Dayton". The Tree Man itself is a myth invented for the series, based largely on various facets of Slenderverse lore.


Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Andrew is the main character of TreeManTruth, and usually the person behind the camera. He set out to make a documentary about the legend of the Tree Man of Dayton, not realizing the effect it would begin to have on his own life.

Although he was skeptical at first, more and more evidence is causing him to seek out the creature in earnest.

The Tree Man

Dayton, Ohio's version of Slender Man (according to the in-series legend), the Tree Man has stalked and presumably taken or killed various people in the Dayton area since 1913. Now, he's the one being searched for.


The sender of a mysterious, threatening letter, found by Andrew in the fourth TreeManTruth video.

Daniel Mulligan

A poet who stayed at a hotel in Dayton during the flood, and one of the first people to become a target of the Tree Man. His letter to his wife, Mabel, is read in the first TreeManTruth video.

Clark Hollins

A disturbed man who tells Andrew of his encounter with the creature on the second TreeManTruth video.

Kristen Lang

A frightened, isolated woman whose audio file is played in the third TreeManTruth video.

Sara Draussen

A YouTube vlogger who was the first person to capture the Tree Man on video.

The Legend

Drawing of the "Tree Man" by an eye witness.

The series often refers to a myth about the "Dayton Tree Man", a strange being that supposedly first started appearing in the area in and around Dayton, Ohio during the Great Dayton Flood of 1913.

Many cases have been reported wherein people either had a run-in with the entity, or were even stalked for years on end, until they disappeared. To this day, photo or video evidence of the Tree Man has eluded any efforts to obtain it.

Like many legends before it, the only evidence available comes in the form of eyewitness accounts and illustrations.

In addition to its appearance, its strong ties to floods and trees show clear similarities with other versions of Slender Man.

Important Locations

Caesar Creek

A state park, this is where Daniel Mulligan was last seen, and where Andrew found the mysterious letter.

Andrew's Home

A house in a rural place somewhere in the Greater Dayton area. So far, the Tree Man hasn't shown up here, to the knowledge of Andrew and the viewers.

Glen Helen

The nature preserve where Sara Draussen captured the first ever recording of the Dayton Tree Man.

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