TribeTwelve is one of the main six vlogs.

Noah Maxwell started his channel on YouTube for a school project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, but the project got cancelled by his teacher for unknown reasons. Noah, then, decided to use the channel as a memorial for his cousin, Milo Asher, recently found dead. 

Maxwell started uploading videos from the last time Milo had visited him (May 2008) and, as he watches these videos and remember those last days he spent with his cousing, he starts to notice strange appearences from a tall man. There begins his hunt for answers on what was really happening with his cousin and appears to be, now, happening to him.


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Noah Maxwell

Noah Maxwell on the "Several Months of Hell" video.

Noah Maxwell

Noah Maxwell was born on November 11th, 1991 and he is the main character on the Tribe Twelve series. He created a YouTube account for a project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel for a class, but the project got cancelled for unknown reasons. Noah, then, decided to use the channel as a memorial for his cousin, Milo Asher, who was recently found dead.  

At the same time, he starts being monitored by an entity known as the Observer and starts to learn more about the situation he's now in.

Milo Asher

Milo Asher was Noah Maxwell's cousin and close friend. According to Noah's description, Milo was a normal guy but had very deep personal problems since he was a child, having visited many psychologists over the years, and never really wanted to discuss them.

Milo was found dead on 2010, allegedly by an overdose of sleeping pills and antidepressants. Throughout the series, his suicide is no longer something certain considering evidence suggesting that the Observer or even Milo's mother, Mary Asher, were somehow involved in Milo's death.

Mary Asher

Mary Asher, Milo Asher's mother and Noah Maxwell's aunt, was diagnosed as having mental problems when she was very young because of alleged visions of a really tall man she would call Mr. Slim. Later in her life, she was married to a man named John Fletcher.

Kevin Haas

Kevin is a friend of Noah and, so far, has only appeared in two videos on the series. 

According to Noah, Kevin speaks German and helped him translate the converstation he had with his grandfather Karl. Plus, Noah says he's the only person he would trust to accompany him to Victor Park and will ask him for help to translate his grandfather's journal as soon as he gets it.

Later on the series, evidence shows that Kevin is the Observer's "vessel", which means the Observer uses Kevin's body against his will.

Edward O'Connor

Edward is friends with Noah and helped him by analysing the electronic device Noah found in his room.


Sam only appeared once in Tribe Twelve, he had contacted Noah because he had information on his aunt, Mary Asher, being a part of a "cult" called The Order. Sam seems very scared that someone might know where he lives and he's the one that tells Noah about the Dark Harvest guys and their struggling with the cult too.

Noah's Parents

Noah's parents have only made one appearence in the series so far and have been mentioned only a few times. Noah's mother is Mary Asher's sister, therefore, Milo's aunt and Karl's daughter. She isn't in any way, until now, involved with Slender Man or The Collective and never believed what her sister said about "Mr. Slim", believing she had, indeed, mental problems. Once they told Noah that he was saved from drowning by an unknown man when we was little.

Karl Maxwell

Karl Maxwell is Noah's grandfather who was born in Germany and grew up near Vöhrenbach, near the Black Forest. As a member of the US Army in the 40's, most precisely of the Office of Strategic Services, Karl was sent on an operation near the Black Forest in which he had his first encounter with a creature he called "Der Großmann", a tall and faceless man with tentacles for arms, wearing a black suit. The group tried to attack the creature but it wasn't damaged at all.

According to the Observer, Karl has a journal written by a deceased man named Sebastian, which has forbidden information about the Collective and SlenderMan. Karl also has an artifact that protects him from the Slender Man and the Collective, but it's unknown for now if this "protective object" and Sebastian's journal are the same thing.

When Noah goes to visit his grandfather, Karl doesn't answer the door and tells Noah, in german, that it's not the right time. Later, when Noah manages to talk to him, he said that he's a lot of danger and needs to avoid Der Großmann as much as possible.


Sarah is a girl who lives in Florida and, after Noah tweets he needs a place to stay during Thanksgiving because he was fearful of being attacked, she lets Noah stay with her during the holiday. 

After strange occurances during Noah's stay in her house, when he has already returned home, she calls him saying her friend Kat, who Noah met while he was in Sarah's house, had being killed and she had being seeing Slender Man too.

Some time later, Noah found out that she had died from "multiple self-inflicted stab wounds" and, just before that, she tweeted that The Collective and Slender Man were coming for her. The last tweet on her Twitter account, presumably posted by The Observer, said "asuperfluousvariablehasbeeneliminatedfromtheequation blackrooktakeswhitepawn⊙"


Kat is Sarah's friend who spent some time with her and Noah during Thanksgiving. 

According to the events on the Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2 video, it is known that she was killed by Noah.

The Collective

The Collective is a group of entities that exists for a very long time, in which each member was converted into a powerful being by Slender Man. There's not an exact number of members, but some of them are more prominent than others. They exist in a different realm, almost like a different universe, where the concept of times does not exist like it does in our universe.

Each member has their own obligations and tasks and some theories say that each member follows one or more people.

The Observer

The Observer, whose original/previous title was "The Sentinel", is the most well-known member of the Collective, being referred to as "The Eyes". It was confirmed on Noah's Twitter that Kevin is the Observer's "vessel", that being the reason why Observer's physical appearence shows long hair and glasses.


Referred as "The Stubborn" by The Observer, he's the one known for his smile and pinhole eyes. He's a "good" entity that helps Noah throughout the series and tried to save him from Observer more than one time. On The Live Stream Incident video Firebrand it's revealed to be Noah from an alternate future.

Mr. Scars

Referred as a "pawn" or as "The Burdned" by the Observer, Mr. Scars is revealed to be Milo Asher on the  Milo's Tape video. 


Referred as "The Selfish" by the Observer, she's the only known female member of the Collective and always appears with Xs over her eyes. Noah mentions that she bears resemblance to his mother and Mary Asher, his aunt, later being confirmed on the Obituary video that she is, indeed, Mary Asher.


Referred as "The Nationalist" by the Observer, his name comes from the word "Totenkopf" which means literally "death's head" in German.He wears a skull mask and most likely followed Sebastian and was/is following Karl Maxwell, Noah's grandfather.


Referred as "The Hermit" by The Observer, his name means "quite alone" in Latin. His appearance resembles and old man. Though there are no confirmation, some fans believe Persolus is, like Firebrand for Noah, a version of Karl Maxwell in an alternate future/timeline.


Referred as "The Lover" by the Observer, as his name means "lover" or "suitor" in German, he wears and old military uniform and a theater mask. Some theories say that Swain is Noah's friend Edward, while others say that it is the German soldier that Karl Maxwell met in World War II.

Formspring and

Noah made a Formspringaccount where he would answer people's questions. After Formspring was said to be shutting down, Noah created an account with the same purpose, saying he would no longer answer anything on Formspring (even after it was known the site wouldn't shut down anymore).

Noah answered many questions on Formspring and still keeps answering them on, whether they're related to his current situation or not. 

It's known the Observer has taken over Noah's account twice and answered numerous questions which provided a large amount of relevant information about "him" and the rest of the Collective.


Noah Maxwell, besides the Formspring/ account, runs a Twitter account too, in which informations outside the videos from the YouTube channel are provided. He also posts relevant links (most of the times, links to the videos) and images.

More than once his Twitter account has been taken over by either the Observer or Firebrand.

Important Locations

Victor Park

Victor Park is a large and forested park in Florida. It's known the park has some sort of connection Slender Man and the Collective, but this connection it's still unclear at the time. It has a boardwalk leading to a lake and a nature trail leading deeper into the forest that "surrounds" the park. It also has an observation tower on the center of the forest.

Though it is an important and relevant location, Noah has only been there, intentionally, three times (so far) throughout the series.